info over hitlers adelaarsnest

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info over hitlers adelaarsnest

Bericht door vic »

Kan iemand mij informatie bezorgen over het adelaarsnest in Berchtesgaarden?
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Re: info over hitlers adelaarsnest

Bericht door PPL » schreef:The so-called "Eagle's Nest" was built as a 50th birthday present to Adolf Hitler from the Nazi Party. Join us for a detailed historical account of the construction and use of the Eagle's Nest, a unique mountain top conference center, as well as a driving tour of the Obersalzberg, Hitler's former residence and Nazi southern headquarters. A visit to the underground bunker system is a must in order to appreciate the monumental scale of Hitler's "fortress" compound in the German Alps.

The tour starts daily at 8.30 and at 1.30 at the Berchtesgaden Visitors Center from mid-May through October and is limited to 8 participants per tour.

Starting with a brief account of Hitler's life the mini bus takes you up steep mountain roads to Obersalzberg, a tiny community above Berchtesgaden. Here the history of Obersalzberg's takeover by the Nazi Party and Martin Bormann's transformation of the mountain into Hitler's Southern Headquarters will be told. During the mini bus driving tour you will view dozens of original Nazi buildings dating back to when the area was an off-limits second seat of government after Berlin. Among these are Albert Speer's home, Albert Speer's architectural studio, Martin Bormann's model farm, Bormann's headquarters, the Nazi Party Hotel, Reich Security Employee housing, SS officers' housing, State Security Service and Gestapo Headquarters and the location of Hitler's home, the 'Berghof' (no longer standing today).

Bunker at Obersalzberg

The description of Obersalzberg and Hitler's home will be made easy to understand with the use of original photographs and a model of the compound's main buildings.

You will then board a specially equipped mountain bus for a breathtaking drive up the 6.5 km (4 mile) road on the edge of the cliff, leading up a 27% incline to a high mountain parking lot, just below the 'Eagle's Nest'. A marble-lined tunnel leads 124 m (406 ft) into the heart of the mountain where you will board the original brass-lined elevator for a ride up through the heart of the Kehlstein mountain another 124 m (406 ft) straight into the building itself. Perched up at 1834 m (6017 ft) the Eagle's Nest and the road network leading to it were considered feats of engineering as they were completed in only 13 months time in 1937 - 38. Constructed as a 50th birthday gift for Adolf Hitler, the diplomatic teahouse's construction details and history will be told during the guided tour. After some free time at the Eagle's Nest for photo-taking and refreshments, the special mountain bus will return you to Obersalzberg. Here, you may join our guided tour of a portion of the 6 km (nearly 4 mile) underground bunker network under Obersalzberg, built as an air raid shelter, war headquarters and last refuge for the Nazi leaders Hitler, Göring and Bormann. Following the bunker tour, our mini bus trip back down into the Berchtesgaden valley gives the tour leader a chance to recount the demise of the six high Nazi officials who spent time at Obersalzberg: Hitler, Bormann, Göring, Hess, Goebbels and Speer.

En route to Eagle´s Nest
This is the only authorized historical tour of the Eagle's Nest and has received excellent reviews by a number of internationally acclaimed publications including the New York Times, German Life Magazine, Frommer's Guides, Fodor's Guides, Rough Guides, Europe by Eurail Guides, Let's Go Guides, Lonely Planet Guides and others. The tour is detailed, objective and delivered in an understandable and personable way.

Duration approx. 4 hrs. Price: € 35, (children up to 12: € 28). The tour price includes guiding, mini bus tour of Obersalzberg, mountain bus to Eagle's Nest parking area, elevator fare to Eagle's Nest and underground bunker admission fee. It is offered daily during the Eagle's Nest business season (usually from mid-May through October) at 8.30 and at 1.30 starting from the Berchtesgaden Visitors Center (Kurdirektion) opposite the train station. A free pickup service from the Berchtesgaden hotels is also possible. Payment for the tour can be made in cash (Euros or US dollars) or by credit card (Visa, Mastercard). Reservations required.

When the Eagle's Nest is closed (November through mid-May) tours of Obersalzberg and the bunker system are offered on request.
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Bericht door Martijn »

Hoi vic,

Ten eerste is dit wel interessant om eens te lezen, klik hier.

Verder weet ik dat het Adelaarsnest Hitler's Buitenhuis was. Hij heeft er een groot deel van "Mein Kampf" geschreven en de aanval op Europa voorbereid. Ook werd het gebouw gebruik door de Nazi's om commando's te geven. In 1945 is het verwoest door Britse bommenwerpers samen met de bijvoorbeeld het huis van Göring. Tot 1995 is het huis in handen geweest van de Amerikanen.

Er staat meer info op internet, maar daarvoor kun je zelf nog zoeken op internet.

"Wie leest die onderschriften eigenlijk?"
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Bericht door LKP »

In de bibliotheek is ook een mooi boek te leen, over het adelaarsnest. Kweet niet waar je woont, maar ze zullen het daar vast ook wel hebben. Zitten ook mooie overzichtsfoto's in, van zowel voor het bombardement van de Engelsen als erna :)
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Bericht door BamBam »

ja, in een bibliotheek vind je dat idd ook en op internet kun je bij zoeken naar: Hitlers adelaarsnest en je zult vast en zeker iets vinden. :D succes ermee
Alleen de sterkste overleven in een oorlog. De zwakke gaan dood. Wordt het niet eens tijd om daar iets aan te doen?
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