lied in band of brothers film

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black devil
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lied in band of brothers film

Bericht door black devil »

ik ben bezig met band of brothers voor de vierde keer te kijken en daar zingen ze een lied in het eerste deel waneer ze de berg currahee opgaan

weet iemand waar ik de tekst kan vinden van dat lied

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Bericht door Boroskov »

"The song the troops were heard singing while running-up Mt Currahee in one scene was a real WW2 era tune, and each regiment had a slightly different version of it. But you can bet it ended with the words "Parachute Infantry" instead of "We're Airborne Infantry" (6 syllables either way). During WW2, paratroopers never called themselves Airborne-that was a reduction in status for them, because Airborne also included Gliderborne troops which the paratroopers disdained and did not want to be confused with, nor associated with in public recognition. Someone involved in the production no doubt heard the song and melody from some WW2 vets on the set, but decided to change the lyrics-perhaps to make the song more identifiable to modern day soldiers. You can bet that the vets didn't sing "We're Airborne Infantry" at the end of that song when they told the movie people about it. Decades ago, some 501 veterans sang their version of the song for me. The melody was the same, but the lyrics differ:

We're Colonel Johnson's Troopers
We're fighters of the Night
We're dirty sonsabitches
We'd rather fuck than fight!
Hi-Dee, Hi-Dee, Christ Almighty,
Who in the Hell are WE?
Rim-Ram, Gawd Damn, Parachute Infantry"
NOT 'We're Airborne Infantry!' When I heard this impure abomination, it made me mad, because I know that no WW2 paratrooper told them lyrics with 'Airborne Infantry' in them. Paratroopers didn't succumb to that broader, less elite label until after the war ended, when the Parachute Infantry Regiments were redesignated Airborne Infantry Regiments. Small things like that remind you that you are watching a movie, and the magic is gone."

Bron: - Mark Bando
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Bericht door Jelle »

hebt ge miss ook het liedje zelf , want ik weet niemeer hoe het deuntje gaat , en ik heb afl 1 niet :oops: :cry:
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