Parade Tunic NVA

Alle onderwerpen met betrekking tot overige tijdvakken
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Parade Tunic NVA

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Hello All,

An american militarie-writer has contacted our group Volksmarine of New England to ask some advice :

I am writing an article on the German parade tunic of WW2, with a short blurb on the follow-on East German parade tunic of the NVA. I need some details about this, though. When did the East German Army adopt the parade tunic? Was it first with a closed collar, and then with an open collar? Did the parade tunic always have the cuff tabs, or did the NVA abolish the cuff tabs of the parade tunic at some point?
I would really appreciate getting some insights about this topic, and I look forward to hearing from you.

I am personally new in DDR militaria so I submit you All this question to see if any can help him.
Thanks in advance for your eventual help.

Best Regards and Happy New Year

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Re: Parade Tunic NVA

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Genosse Brandy-Hans, First closed collar than open collar (since 1974/75). And Cuff bars till the 70's. The cuff bars disappeared in the 80's. The parade tunic has been in service from the beginning until the end.

happy newyear to you too!!

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