Schlacht um Nederweert 2014 FULL movie

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Schlacht um Nederweert 2014 FULL movie

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Nederweert, september 1944

The 116th Panzer Grenadier Division, known as The Greyhound Division is ordered to hold
this village at all costs. Civillians are forced to build barricades, pillboxes and other strongpoints.

Still a formidable fighting force, though not all soldiers share the same thought.
Gefreiter Voss and grenadier Muller are one of those young soldiers willing to surrender to the allies. They were housed into a family resident were they had good relationships. Both men were convinced that the war was over.

The probably did not knew that this family had hidden a wounded American soldier down below the basement. Some members of the NSB somehow found out and informed the local German authorities.

Both men were caught, nearly sentenced to death but at the last moment got away with their lives due the fact that every men was needed for the upcoming battle and the lack of prove. The family got imprissoned, their faith unknown.

A few hours before the actual battle of Nederweert, the Dutch resistance movement feld it was the right time to come into action and disturb order and sabotage the strongpoints.
But the tension was already high for 2 days so the Germans were quickly alerted by the first attemped to overrun their positions.

The real battle was raged for a few hours. Bitter streetfights broke out and with heavy losses the Germans were forced to retreat. A huge number of prisoners were made but the bulk of the Windhund Division managed to escape to the north, behind the German new stabillized lines.
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