[eng] Filmster begint rechtzaak over geplunderde Van Gogh

Over het hier en nu (nieuwsberichten, actualiteiten en dergelijke, in relatie met WOII)
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Roel R.
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[eng] Filmster begint rechtzaak over geplunderde Van Gogh

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Film actress Elizabeth Taylor began a legal process yesterday against the great-grandchildren of a Jewish lady who owned a Vincent Van Gogh painting allegedly looted by the Nazis. View of the Asylum and Chapel at Saint-Remy was purchased by Ms Taylor in 1963 at auction in London. Thirty years previously, the oil painting was owned by Margarete Mauthner, who fled Berlin in 1939. Her descendants are claiming the painting was wrongfully expropriated by the Nazis and want the item back or a portion of its sale, likely to be worth millions of pounds. The papers filed in Los Angeles state Ms Taylor is the legal owner of the 1889 painting. The lawsuit reads: "Plaintiff, a renowned motion picture star, philanthropist, social activist and resident of the State of California, brings this action seeking a declaration that she is the rightful owner of a valuable painting by Vincent van Gogh." It continues that there is no evidence the painting was unlawfully taken from Ms Mauthner but sold to finance her family’s emigration to South Africa; the 1963 Sotheby’s auction catalogue stated it was subsequently owned by two galleries, then a Jewish man, Alfred Wolf, who it was bought from by Ms Taylor. The lawsuit also stated Ms Taylor is sympathetic to those who suffered under the Nazis. The 72-year-old Oscar-winning actress has a collection of masterpieces – such as Monet, Renoir and Picasso. (May 28th)
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tja....wat moet je ermee he?...tis niet de 1e keer en vast niet de laatste.
Er zullen in die tijd vast wel verkopen zijn geweest onder dwang maar ik krijg soms wel het idee dat tegenwoordig iedereen die toen familie had en het verkocht aan duitsers het nu onder verdachte voorwendselen weer terug willen.

meer zeg ik erniet over
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