herrineringsmedaille munt penning

Collecties met zowel Duitse als geallieerde militaria. Let op; nieuwe aanwinsten graag plaatsen onder ofwel as of geallieerd.
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herrineringsmedaille munt penning

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ik heb een herinneringsmunt medaille penning ik weet niet wat het is met de tekst zur erinnerung an-die-heim-kehr-des-memellandes 22martz 1939 wie weet hier wat meer over te vertellen bronskleurig en er staan 2 poppetjes op de voorkant :? :?
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ik denk dat het zou helpen als je een foto kunt plaatsen

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Hopelijk kan je Engels.
The Return of Memel Commemorative Medal
(Die Medaille zur Erinnerung an die Heimkerhr des Memllander)

In one final bloodless action before World War II, Germany annexed the District of Memel from Lithuania on March 22 1939. This area of East Prussia, with 160,000 inhabitants, had been turned over to Lithuania as an aftermath of World War I following the Memel Convention of 1924. On March 20th, 1939 Hitler demanded that the area be returned to Germany and surprisingly, the Lithuanian government agreed. On March 23rd a peaceful occupation of the city and district was carried out by German troops who debarked by ship. The area was to be on the spotlight two further times in the coming years. It played key role in the Polish campaign, and in the final battles of the war when it was stubbornly defended by German troops.

To commemorate the occupation the "Memel Medal" was authorized on May 1, 1939. This, the last of the Anschuluss awards, was also designed by Dr. Klein. The obverse is the exactly the same as the above medals. The reverse reads “Zur Erinnerung an die Heimkerhr des Memellandes 22. Marz, 1939 (to commemorate the return of the Memel area on March 22,1939), surrounded by an Oak Leave wreath. The award was presented to all military, political and civil Personnel who had distinguished themselves in actions related to the returning of the district to Germany.

The medal was dye stuck with a bronzed finish and worn on the left tunic pocket suspended from a white-red-white-green-white-red-white ribbon, which are the colors of Lithuania. Awards stopped at the end of 1940, with a total of 31,322 having been presented.
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